PT Unity Fortuna Global is a premium paper company established in 2005 in Jakarta. The company, that is more well known as Fortuna, is committed to fulfill high quality paper demand from local and international markets.

Harry Sutanto, one of Fortuna’s founders, believes that high quality paper is one of the keys to provide excellent printing results. A story behind the establishment of Fortuna is a dream to present high quality and imported papers with added values such as affordable price and environmental friendly products.

Besides the added values on its products, Fortuna delivers excellent customer service that is friendly, fast, correct, and capable. This also becomes company’s concern to standout in competition.


Fortuna’s vission is to be a global company that provides imported papers from around the world at affordable price. The global mission of Fortuna is to be a company who has high creativity, responsibility, and high concern to customers as well as environment.


Fortuna mission is wishes to be the market leader in Indonesia. Fortuna is not only leading in distribution field, but also in being environmental friendly company with Indonesian characteristic. According to Fortuna, social concern is a company’s commitment that is applied in daily basis.

Last but not least, any challenges faced by Fortuna in the business are perceived not as a barrier but motivation to move forward to be the largest and the best company.